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VV Show #22 - Introducing the Venture Voice Entrepreneur of the Year Award

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Venture Voice Entrepreneur of the Year Award

We’ve interviewed some of the most accomplished and most hungry entrepreneurs on this show, but now the year’s almost over and it’s time to choose the Entrepreneur of the Year. We have no distinguished panel of judges or wise editorial board to make this decision. Rather, we’re leaving it up to you, our listeners, to decide. Listen to this brief show to find out more. Visit www.VentureVoice.com/Entrepreneur2005 to cast your vote.

Posted by Greg Galant on Dec 12, 2005 | Permalink | Comments (2) | TrackBack (0)

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Greg have you ever thought about doing Venture Voices the TV show. Some the shows I see on TV that try to do what you are doing fall so short. I can see maybe on CNBC, CNN or even PBS. You do a good job at pressing the issue of how an entreprenuer really got started and cut past the fluff of their own personal philosophies which many times contain so much spin.

Posted by: Detrick at December 26, 2005 10:33 AM

Yeah, I second the recommendation for the TV show! And I say get Kelly Perdew of Apprentice fame to co-host with you! Could be good buzz for both of you.

Posted by: Vincent Wright at January 9, 2006 5:49 PM

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