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September 27, 2005

VV Show #15 - Launching Companies at DEMO Conference

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You might expect that if you launched your pride and joy -- your startup company -- at a conference, it would automatically be the center of attention. At DEMO, the leading technology product launch conference, you're hatching your business alongside 64 other companies with cool new technologies. You've got to deliver an awe-inspiring six-minute presentation, schmooze for many hours on end at a packed product pavilion, and be charming during the cocktail hours to make your mark. We continue our coverage of the DEMO conference by following VideoEgg's experience while grabbing audio clips from all over. Hear from Wall Street Journal columnist Walt Mossberg, August Capital partner David Hornik, Six Apart co-founder and president Mena Trott, U3 CEO and founding team member of Palm Kate Purmal, Jingle Network senior vice president Tom Latinovich and DEMO executive producer Chris Shipley.

Show notes:

3:45 VideoEgg co-founder and director of product and technology David Lerman

6:00 PR person

6:30 David Hornik of August Capital, VentureBlog and VentureCast

8:50 Tom Latinovich of Jingle Networks, Inc.

10:20 Kate Purmal, CEO of U3

12:40 Walt Mossberg, the author and creator of the Personal Technology column in The Wall Street Journal

15:30 The beach

16:55 Mena Trott, the president and co-founder of Six Apart

18:40 VideoEgg co-founders CEO Matt Sanchez and director of business development Kevin Slavek

19:10 VideoEgg demo at DEMO

25:50 Debrief with Kevin and Matt

26:35 Unrecorded DEMO moments

28:00 Venture Voice's Greg Galant is speaking at an iBreakfast event

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September 19, 2005

VV Show #14 - VideoEgg Preparing for DEMO Conference

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New businesses usually start small and work slowly and steadily to build their reputation. But that's not true of startups that choose to launch their product at DEMO, the most prestigious conference dedicated to launching new technologies. Presenters have to agree to be radio silent about the cool technology they've been working on night and day for the past several months, if not years, of their lives. Then they have six minutes on stage to show it off to everyone, and a couple of days at a beach resort in Huntington Beach to network like crazy and deploy their freshly printed business cards. VideoEgg, a new company founded by three Yale graduates from the class of '04, chose to hatch itself at DEMO after months of quiet incubation. In today's show, we're chronicling what it's like to present at DEMO by telling the story of VideoEgg. We'll interview VideoEgg's founding team, DEMO executive producer Chris Shipley and DEMO groupie David Hornik of August Capital. We'll post a show after the conference with VideoEgg's presentation and the crowd's reaction.

Show notes:

1:55 Talking with Chris Shipley

2:20 Most famous DEMO presenters

3:50 Who attends DEMO

5:00 DEMO stats

6:25 Worst DEMO presentation

7:30 Format of the show

8:30 VideoEgg

11:30 Talk with VideoEgg's founding team: CEO Matt Sanchez, director of business development Kevin Slavek and director of product and technology David Lerman

13:00 What is VideoEgg?

16:00 Deciding to become entrepreneurs

19:05 Raising funding for VideoEgg

23:50 Sleep

24:00 Deciding to go to DEMO

26:40 Most important person to meet at DEMO

30:00 Naming VideoEgg

32:40 The fate of VideoEgg

35:00 Thoughts before DEMO

35:35 Conference call with Kevin and Matt before leaving for DEMO

42:00 Kevin and Matt's reactions on a Venture Voice interview with David Hornik of August Capital and Venture Blog

46:30 Last thoughts before DEMO

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September 13, 2005

VV Show #13 - Drew Clark of IBM Venture Capital Group

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 Drew Clark

Entrepreneurs who were doing business in the eighties might still remember IBM for its suits and corporate ways. Now Drew Clark, the co-founder of the IBM Venture Capital Group, has shed his tie and is changing that image. His group is opening up IBM's vast resources to startups. Unlike some of its competitors, IBM has embraced open source software which makes it easer and cheaper to deploy technology. While IBM offers all types of help to entrepreneurs, Drew stresses the IB more than the M: being international and helping with business development over just assisting with the machines.

Show notes:

1:10 Starting at IBM

4:40 IBM's history

6:00 Advantages of open standards

10:20 Why work with IBM?

13:40 Startups IBM is working with

16:05 IBM Virtual Innovation Center

21:45 Measuring success

26:25 IBM's venture team

29:20 Other big tech firms

32:25 The I in IBM: international

34:50 Just launched a VC Advisory Council

36:50 Pitching to IBM

Official bio:

Drew Clark is responsible for driving external innovation into IBM business units and identifying and developing new business opportunities. A member of the corporate strategy team, his focus is on emerging markets. A 20-year IBM veteran, Clark has held a variety of key positions in software development and technology, product marketing and emerging-business development and strategy. He has led several intrepreneurial initiatives,including the formation of IBM's Internet Division. Before working withIBM's Venture Group, Drew led IBM's search, text mining and knowledge-management initiatives for IBM Software. Drew has been awarded two patents in software testing and Artificial Intelligence, holds a BS in physics from Western Carolina University and has completed all coursework toward a PhD in plasma physics at University of Texas at Austin.

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September 1, 2005

VV Show #12 - Deborah Farrington of Starvest Partners

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Deborah Farrington

Statistically speaking, Starvest Partners shouldn't be in business: Few venture capital funds raised in 1998 survived the dot com bust, first-time partners are a huge bet, and no other venture capital firms are run by women. But don't tell that to Deborah Farrington, the founder and co-chairman of Starvest. Her firm's performance has excelled in the past several years and is headed into the top quartile of its field. Debby's got a number of big hits under her belt now, but she's not about to stop taking risks.

Show notes:

1:45 Career start

7:45 Cold calls and building relationships

11:50 Raising a venture fund

19:45 NetSuite investment

22:50 Be nice?

24:35 Board involvement

29:00 CEO's abilities to scale

36:00 Giving up control by taking on investors

42:10 Pitching to Debby

49:40 Women in venture capital

54:35 Women in the firm

58:40 Harvard PresidentLarry Summers controversy

63:03 The title 'Chairman'

63:20 Starvest's promising portfolio companies and future

Official bio:

Deborah Farrington is a Founder and Co-Chairman of StarVest Partners, L.P., a $150 million New York City based venture capital fund formed in 1999 to invest in e- business services and software.

Ms. Farrington's 25-year career in financial services encompasses private equity investing, investment and merchant banking, both in the U.S. and abroad, and securities analysis. Her focus during the past several years has been on investing in business services companies; she has significant experience in business services, e-Business and application service providers. She has worked with many private and public companies as a director, officer, investor and advisor and has special expertise in financial strategy, analysis of growing companies and corporate governance. She has operational and management experience having served as Chairman of the Board and COO of both public and private companies.

On behalf of StarVest, Ms. Farrington is currently a director of NetSuite, Inc., a San Mateo, California based company that provides an integrated web based accounting and other business services to small businesses and of which Larry Ellison is founder and former Chairman; ComparisonMarket Inc., a Cleveland, Ohio company that provides comparative insurance quotes over the Internet and is the largest independent insurance agent in the U.S.; and Fieldglass Inc., a Chicago based software company that provides spend management services to large enterprises. She is also a director of Collectors Universe, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLCT) the largest grader and authenticator of high-end collectibles, including coins, stamps, sports cards and autographs.

From 1993 to1997, Ms. Farrington was President and CEO of Victory Ventures, LLC, a New York-based private equity investment firm. During her tenure with Victory, she was a founding investor and Chairman of the Board of Staffing Resources, Inc., a diversified staffing company, when it grew from $17 million to $250 million in revenues.

From 1987 to 1993, Debby was managing director with Asian Oceanic Group and its affiliates, a Hong Kong-based merchant bank, which invested side by side with its Asian entrepreneur clients. From 1991 to 1993, she was Executive Vice President and a Director of Tigera Group, Inc., a NASDAQ listed public company affiliated with Asian Oceanic and she also served as a director of VideoTech.

From 1976 to 1987, Debby was with Merrill Lynch & Co. where she had a variety of international and domestic assignments in investment banking, securities analysis and management, while based in New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo. At Merrill Lynch, she worked on numerous public and private offerings and mergers & acquisitions for U.S. and international clients. She also held positions with responsibility for international planning, strategy and human resources.

Ms. Farrington is a 1972 graduate of Smith College and received an MBA in 1976 from the Harvard Business School. She has been active in fund raising and alumni affairs for both Smith and Harvard, and currently serves as on the Board of Directors of the Harvard Business School Alumnae Association. She is a member of the Committee of 200 and is President of her New York City Co-op.

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